margin calculator

Apr 09

Margin calculator

Retail Tip: Gross Profit Margin margin calculator.

فيديو margin calculator

Then, margin used: = (1.5819 * 1000) / 20 = 79.095 USD

To investigate the impact of discounting on profits.

The Extreme Loss Margin for any security is higher of: 5%, or 1.5 times the standard deviation of daily logarithmic returns of the security price in the last six months. This computation is done at the end of each month by taking the price data on a rolling basis for the past six months and the resulting value is applicable for the next month.

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How This Tool Works

This calculation uses the following formula:

({BASE} / {Home Currency}) * units) / (margin ratio)

For example, suppose:

Home Currency = USD Currency Pair = GBP/CHF Base = GBP; Quote = CHF Base / Home Currency = GBP/USD = 1.5819 Units = 1000 Margin Ratio = 20:1

Then, margin used: = (1.5819 * 1000) / 20 = 79.095 USD


margin calculatormargin calculator